TOPCATS is a small, local charity based in Pakefield, Lowestoft. We are partly grant-funded by Activities Unlimited, although we  are always fundraising and applying for other grants to support our charity. We offer support for young people and adults with additional needs from the age of 0 to 30 years old.

We have a multi-purpose and ever changing environment which is improving and growing every year with our continued fundraising efforts and support from our sponsors. This allows our young people to improve skills and be a part of all aspects of Topcats growth and development.

Topcats takes safeguarding very seriously and have a dedicated registered person who maintains a high standard of service should any issues arise. If you are concerned about a child out of Topcats working hours please call customer first on 0808 800 4005.


Topcats offers fun, friendship and the chance to build transferable life skills in an engaging and welcoming environment for young people with additional needs. Once a young person has joined Topcats, we ensure that we take time to get to know each individual and make sure they are at ease with a key worker who will support them to make their own choices.

As a team, it is our primary aim to help each individual develop their own social independence and life skills in order to reach their potential in a supported environment. In addition, we are able to supply young people with a vast range of exciting sensory, art, sport and music equipment, to help them build up their awareness of themselves and the world around them.

Topcats is proud of our dedicated support team which led by specialised managers and overseen by a strong Board of Trustees. All staff hold a DBS check, have regular mandatory and specialised training.  All staff are aware of the individual needs which may arise throughout the day and are trained to deal with them with sensitivity, respect and dignity.

Who’s Who

We have an amazing team at Topcats of staff who are enthusiastic and dedicated and who are kept up to date with all relevant training including safeguarding.

Topcats is also supported by a Board of Trustees with a wealth of experience and skills.


Anne-Marie Battrick
Service Manager

Lyndy King
Deputy Manager

Sara Poppy
Fundraising Officer

Tammy Brinded –
Lead Support Worker (Cats, Tops and Afternoon Club)

Shannon Cushion
Lead Support Worker (Choices)

Debi Scarlett
Support Worker (Transitions Lead)

Emma Hall
Lead Support Worker

Genevieve Parslow
Support Worker

Lucy Ellis
Support Worker

Michelle Spurling
Support Worker (Transitions Lead)

Keiran Smith
Support Worker

Emily Gunton –
Support Worker

Sarah Roberts
Support Worker

Lydia Smith
Support Worker

Sharon Reeve
Support Worker

Rosie Spurling
Support Worker

Debbie Pegram
Support Worker

Mel Harmer
Support Worker

Kelly Turner
Support Worker

Ruth Hammond
Cook/Support Worker

Tricia Skoyles
Support Worker

Carla Bird
Support Worker

Becky Rigden
Support Worker

Amanda Munn
Support Worker

Board of Trustees

TOPCATS is overseen by a dedicated and experienced Board of Trustees who bring with them a wealth of knowledge to the running of the charity.

Stewart Battrick – Chairman 

Linda Rushmere – Treasurer

Ronnie Rushmere – Trustee

Linsey Wright – Trustee

Sophie Gillett – Trustee


This is James, James has been coming to Topcats for a while now, please read a bit about him via his lovely Mum, Victoria#knowingmeknowingyou

“Our wonderful son James sees the world around him in a completely different way to others, which can make simple daily tasks extremely difficult and stressful for him. Although we try to learn from him every day to make life easier and enjoyable for him, this is not always easy and we have needed some help from outside our family environment to do this. Topcats listen to what individuals and their families need. They are always striving to improve their service and facilities and through the tireless efforts of the fantastic, dedicated team there they are continually fundraising to provide and safe, happy and stimulating environment environment for their young people. They provide a much needed service in the Lowestoft area not only supporting James but giving our family much needed respite. All our lives are better thanks to the support of Topcats.”

James’ Mum, is a keen runner so will be running Lowestoft Parkrun with James on Saturday 6th July 2019 with Team Topcats!!

Why not give him a sponsor!!




My name is Arthur and I am 2.

I had a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

I first went to Topcats when I was only 4 months old and both Mummy and I were greeted with such love and support that we instantly fell in the love with the place and the staff.

I enjoy Tiny Topcats on a Wednesday and love coming to the cafe on a Friday as I get cake as well!

With my older brother and Mummy we like to help with supermarket collections and I am looking forward to all the future fun I will be able to have as I get bigger!

Thanks for sharing Arthur!!!!!


Morton Road
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CHARITY NO. 1109307

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