First up….. meet Adam (written by his Mum, Maria)

This is my son, Adam, he is 19 years old.

He has severe autism, learning disabilities and sensory processing disorder to name but a few! He is a BSL user and is very good at it, teaches me a thing or two! He is generally a happy boy especially if he’s doing the things he enjoys the most, like being outside on his scooter or going to the funfair. He also loves getting on his scooter and bike.

Topcats for us as a family has been a godsend. Adam gets to spend the day with his friends doing fun things indoors and out whilst my daughter and myself get to spend time together doing things we both enjoy which is mainly shopping! 
It’s great respite for us and very much needed. As life has been particularly tough for us as a family this past year.

The staff at Topcats have been amazing support for us all especially if I need to talk about anything they always have a listening ear at the ready! They always ask if there’s anything they can do to help in any situation.

They are a marvellous charity for our young people.

Adam has been going to Topcats for a number of years now during the school holidays and they always cater for his needs and let him do the things he enjoys most while there. 
Adam will be accessing The Choices group after the summer holidays which will be great to learn some independent skills while having fun with his friends.

I know the staff will encourage him to become as independent as possible so he can continue to flourish and continue to be the wonderful young man that I love!!

Go Team Topcats!!!! ?

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