Music Room Funding!

We have had some amazing success and support with applying for money towards our Music Room!

Special Thanks go to the following people, businesses and funders!

Morrisons Foundation – Their amazing donation of £3000 was acquired after applying for a grant from their foundation.

Toyota – A local branch of Toyota approached us and wanted to support a project. After working with them and writing an application form we received a fabulous £1500 from them!

WHSmith Group Charitable Trust – The WHSmith Group Charitable Trust donated £100 towards our Music Room Project.

Ganzoni Charitable Trust – We have received support from this trust before and were so excited to receive £500 from them towards our Music Room.

Kirkley Poors Land Estate Trust – We received £500 from the Kirkley Poors who have always been really supportive of Topcats and the projects that we run.

Edward Gostling Foundation – A massive £8000 was received from this foundation which was a huge amount of money! It went a long way to securing the success of our project.

Greggs Foundation – These lovely guys have supported us once again buy funding the purchase of vibroacoustic Chair. The young people love this piece of equipment!

Francesca Warren – Ches was a Support Worker at Topcats. She goes to the Royal College of Music in London and organised a Swing Night event for Topcats and another local charity. It was a huge success and she split the funding between us.

Vanessa Madle – A friend of Topcats and Mum to our Fundraising Officer, Sara! She has organised multiple quizzes for Topcats and the last one organised raised funds that went directly into our Music Room Project.

Clipper Platform – Thanks to a friend of Topcats, Leon Cook, we had the opportunity to apply for funds from his work place, Clipper Platform. We received £300 that went directly into funds for the Music Room.

We couldn’t have these amazing pieces of equipment or such a great facility as the music room without support from others. We cannot thank the above people enough! We appreciate all the hard work and time it takes to go through countless applications and how difficult the decisions must be!


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