Smashed the £10,000 target!!!

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ WE HAVE FABULOUS AMAZING EXCITING NEWS ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (please read below)

⏰ With just over 24 hours to go – we have absolutely smashed our initial target!!!! 🎯


☀️ This morning, not only did we receive extra donations from:

▪️David Warner – £30
▪️Dawn Thomson – £50
▪️Emma and Ben – £50

💰 But we then received a massive £650 donation from Peter John Gardner which took us to OVER £10,000!!!! ✨

🙏We are ECSTATIC to share this news with you! What an amazing 29 days it has been, we could not have asked for a better network of support!🙏

🥳This £10,000 will be a massive step in our mission to get our very own minibus! We still have a way to go before we can purchase our own but we never would have been able to get this far, this quickly, without the support of all 80+ supporters!!!🥳

➡️We have also received more donations since reaching the target from:

▪️Samantha Keable – £20
▪️Cecilia Brands – £10


🚐 The project will still be live until 11:59pm on Thursday 19th December 2019 so if you would still like to donate to our minibus project please do! 🚐

🙏Finally, we cannot thank Aviva and their employees who have contributed £1500 of Aviva funding to our post and the support from Crowdfuding themselves who have helped us along the way!🙏

👀Please keep an eye on the target over the next 24 hours and let’s see just how far we can get it before it closes!👀

👯‍♀️You are all amazing!👯‍♂️

♦️Massive Thanks from the young people and staff at Topcats!!! ♦️


When we told the young people at Choices the fabulous news!!!

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