UPDATE: Aviva Community Fund

⭐️As you will all be aware, just before Christmas we were trying to raise money for our ‘Topcats Transport’ project through the Aviva Community Fund along with Crowdfunding!⭐️

▶️The aim was to raise a whopping £10,000 towards our minibus fund in just 30 days! ◀️

🤯We didn’t for one second truly believe we would make it…..


🔔We only went and did it!!!!! Not only £10,000 but £11,300 was raise din the end by 100 amazing donations from local people and businesses as well as some internal fundraising!!!😱😱😱😱

👍We had so much support, starting with thanking Aviva Employees who donated £1500! THANK YOU!!👍

🙏Then to Crowdfunding who supported us with setting up the project and answering all our questions!🙏

😘Biggest thanks of all goes to all of those who shared the posts with all your contacts, those who pledged anything from £5-£2388!!!✋

😄We are completely overwhelmed with gratitude!😄

🚌These funds will be a huge step forward in our quest to support Topcats and the young people who come along!It may not buy us a minibus yet but its a huge step forward to reaching our goal!!🚌



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